An artist who happens to be Deaf.

She began her journey documenting life; whether it was written, drawn or photographed. She never wanted to forget a moment of feeling, of touching, of loving. She wanted to remember little things.

That passion brings her here today dedicated to her work of art in American Sign Language. She creates art that are honest, showing their true personality. She pays close attention to details that matter. Her experience and reactions that she chose to capture makes her work mean something.

She also carries her skills into teachable products for people who wish to learn American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with a love one who is Deaf/Hard of Hearing. She is a certified ASL instructor and provides workshops.



She designs products in American Sign Language; signing cards, pypography art, storytelling books, gifs and more. She specializes in logo design, branding and offer design services to not for profits and businesses.


A separate kind of photo art, that requires incredible skill of the photographer, is creativity photography. In the creativity art she focuses on hands expressing a language that she holds dear, American Sign Language.


Certified ASL instructor teaching Signing Naturally or her own varies workshops tailored to meet the S5WAVES community. She mentors families and Deaf/Hard of Hearing youth to achieve maximum potential by empowering them.